Peruse our delicious menu and see what tickles your fancy.


Submit your order to us using the form at the bottom of the menu before 8pm Thursday evening. We contact you and sort all the details.


We will cook our little hearts out Sunday and Monday and deliver to your door on Monday afternoon. (within 10km of city centre) for $4,0


Meals are individually portioned for one and are ready to heat & eat

(or freeze for later)

How it Works

We've done the first 25 steps, you just have to do the last two
- heat and eat to get us in the comfort of your own home.

Pick Up 

Our regular dinner menu is able to be picked up to be eaten in your home Tuesday to Saturday nights 5pm - 9pm. 10% off the dine in prices x

Doing Good

Times are tough for everybody at the moment. If you would like to add $2 to your order we will match your donation and provide a big pot of food to a hungry charity. This is optional x